Celebrating Success: How Peachtree Woodworking Supply, Inc. Increased Their Email Open Rate with Admail


Peachtree Woodworking Supply, Inc. may operate from its brick-and-mortar home in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, but it serves members of the woodworking industry all over the United States. Woodworkers find the resources they need to succeed in their craft using Peachtree’s enormous online catalog, which features hundreds of materials, tools, and accessories for every level of expertise — from individual hobbyists to large-scale businesses. Customers can search for what they need by product type or choose from the most reliable brands in the industry.

Peachtree has made it their decades-long mission to make woodworking accessible, with superior customer service and reasonable price points for their products. When they were referred to Admail by an industry connection, it was this drive for customer satisfaction that encouraged them to become one of the email marketing service’s oldest and most successful partners – spanning several interface changes and system improvements to consistently bring woodworking supplies to their list members’ inboxes.

A new science: navigating early email list marketing

Peachtree began cultivating a digital presence in the early 2000s when the science behind mass email and email list technology was still being developed and refined.

At the time, it was common practice for businesses to copy and paste their web page code into email format and send those entire pages en-masse to list members. The downside to this strategy was palpable – while some email browser platforms supported HTML and other webpage code languages, others (like Blackberry) did not. The result was an undecipherable final product in thousands of inboxes.

In addition, email features like carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC) were still in the rudimentary stages of development. Sometimes they would simply not work, and emails would be left unsent. In other situations, an entire email list would be dumped into the CC section, and list members would see thousands of personal addresses across their screens. Such a security issue put recipients at the mercy of the dark web and understandably raised customer complaints for affected businesses — Peachtree included.

Making the cut with Admail

At the beginning of their partnership with Peachtree in 2005, Admail had already mastered the technological skill – so elusive to many others – of including the rich content often found on websites into their emails. With Admail, sending web pages as email was an easy task.

The true selling point of Admail’s early services was their ability to deliver massive email output, using just one email address per client. While Peachtree had sought help from other email list service providers, each had failed to ensure the level of list member privacy they needed. Admail was able to mitigate the numerous security risks that came with early email, creating a strong foundation of trust for the next two decades.

Responding to modern email list challenges

As email list management has evolved, so too have the common problems associated with the service. Admail stuck with Peachtree every step of the way, delivering above and beyond expectations.

Perception vs. reality in email marketing

For a period of time, Peachtree fell victim to the common business assumption that the larger the email list, the better. As a result, their lists became saturated with “dead emails” — addresses that had not opened any of their mail in years. The reality is that the more dead emails there are in a list, the more likely ISPs are to direct the mail to spam folders. Admail helped Peachtree recognize that for email lists, quality is superior to quantity. With Admail’s assistance the “zombie” emails were identified and removed from their list improving inbox delivery, opens and clickthroughs.

Adapting to the mobile wave

As the years have passed, Admail’s resources and email list expertise have enabled Peachtree to remain current with technological trends. With the industry-leading, responsive Email Builder tool, Peachtree now crafts email that can adjust to the screen of any mobile device. Peachtree’s marketing efforts span social media platforms with AdSocial integrations, which link list members directly from each email to Peachtree’s social media accounts.

Peachtree’s monumental growth

Throughout the years, the benefits of Peachtree’s continued partnership with Admail have become self-evident:

  • List management Best Practices: Automated list hygiene and activity monitoring has helped double their open rates. With more list members than ever interacting with Peachtree’s emails, strengthening their bottom line.
  • Immovable email marketing strategy: Peachtree recognized the importance of developing their own email marketing strategies. They did not rely only on Amazon’s storefront and focused on a dedicated email marketing strategy to successfully grow and improve their business. Minimizing issues like contending with competition from Amazon’s own brand of woodworking supplies. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook that developed from humble beginnings into store-hosting juggernauts can leave a small business with the impression that they are enough for a business to succeed. As Peachtree recognized the need for their own marketing strategy they benefited from their decision and watched as their business grew and achieved success, something that cannot be said for many other small businesses.
  • Outliving the competition: Because Peachtree put its trust in Admail’s dedication to the field of email marketing early on — and continued to use their services as Admail grew and advanced — Peachtree has outperformed many of its original competitors who are now no longer in the market.

An essential partnership

Peachtree is approaching an admirable two-decade milestone in its partnership with Admail. Their level of comfort using email marketing tools, trust in Admail’s customer service skills, and understanding of the importance of email marketing for catalog-based businesses will continue to bring them success for years to come.

Timeless success, proven email list strategies

Admail has been an innovator and leader within the field of direct marketing since the advent of email. Business owners and marketers who take advantage of Admail’s newly-revamped email marketing toolkit connect with their list members at a groundbreaking bandwidth and speed. Social media integration, email video development, and automated list hygiene and data tracking features cultivate healthy email lists full of interested and responsive customers. Contact Admail today to choose a plan that is right for your business.

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