Does Your Email List Have the Power and Speed to Reach Your Business Potential?

Even in today’s evolving digital marketing landscape, a robust email list management strategy remains an essential tool. According to a report by McKinsey, the overwhelming majority of American consumers use email daily for both personal and commercial purposes — so while forward-thinking businesses advertise across various digital platforms, email marketing takes center stage.

However, many companies fall short of realizing their customer data’s true potential as it can be applied to email marketing campaigns. Email lists can become a powerful tool when backed by industry-leading innovations — or a cumbersome mess when mismanaged. If your strategy isn’t on par with your business’s fast-paced growth, then it may be time to reconsider the way you implement email lists.

Here are some ways that you can supercharge your email list strategy using the fastest, farthest-reaching tools on the market today.

Target Your Audience Members for Success

While some email marketing strategies can be easily adapted for a wide customer base, messages are often better received when they feel personal — targeted directly to the receiver’s specific interests and needs. Intelligent customer database management involves breaking down the audience to determine the best way to reach out, form connections, and ultimately gain new leads. Ironically, this becomes more difficult to do the more successful your data collection becomes because each new addition to the list brings their own unique perspective.

After distributing large-scale targeted emails, business owners and marketers also need to accurately understand how their messages were ultimately received. This information is vital to creating and implementing all future efforts to reach out and set up segmented groups to improve future campaigns. However, without the right tools, these objectives become difficult or impossible to achieve.

Admail’s newly-renovated [List Builder] ( tool is powerfully equipped to help businesses manage their data with just a few clicks. With List Builder Smartgroups], you can easily target list segments by each list member’s:

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Email preferences
  • Geographic location
  • Demographic factors
  • Specific subcategory alignments, such as email opening rates, link clicks, and more using Smartgroups

Businesses can target as many groups as they please since List Builder Interest Groups allows for up to 50 individual list segments and Smartgroup offers unlimited list segments. Reach the level of personal connection you desire with your audience by speaking directly to their specific needs.

When you’re ready to follow up, meet [Accutrak] ( in-depth email statistics reports at the click of a button. Accutrak focuses on ease of use and understandability, providing businesses with data about:

  • Opened emails
  • Click-throughs
  • Replies
  • Requests to unsubscribe
  • Non-deliverable emails

The follow up on the success of your email marketing campaigns has never been easier. Accutrak records your activity in real time and you can leverage the Smartgroups to follow up with and engage active list members.

Use Multimedia Strategies Within Your Email Marketing

Modern-day emails have a higher focus on interactivity than those of days past. Nowadays, customers expect digital materials to cater to several different purposes — so while solid copy still remains essential, other embedded methods of communication are also worth implementing. Incorporating digital media into your email list marketing strategy creates more eye-catching, cohesive products that tell recipients just how much effort you put into each message you share — increasing their chances of reaching out to learn more.

Embedded Video

Including videos in your email marketing strategy is consistent with how modern viewers prefer to digest information. Admail’s video email tool goes above and beyond to deliver top-quality email video software. Thanks to Admail’s partnership with industry-acclaimed solution, Viewed. You can easily embed streaming videos that autoplay in the body of your email when your customer opens it and grab their attention immediately!

Social Media

Connect viewers directly to your social media accounts with AdSocial, allowing recipients to jump seamlessly from one informative platform to another. Communicate with social media contacts all in one place through the tool to expedite multi-platform growth.

Security & Support for Ambitious Campaigns

Highly ambitious email marketing campaigns need equally robust service offerings to meet their requirements for bandwidth and speed. Admail’s Enterprise plans meet and exceed these requirements on all fronts by incorporating:

  • State-of-the-art data centers
  • Hundreds of email list hygiene algorithms
  • High-volume email deployment
  • Highly customizable interface and management tools

With an Enterprise plan, you can meet all your hardware and software needs and continue to meet your customized goals as your business experiences profound growth.

Experience True Email Marketing Efficiency

Since 1995, Admail has established a foundation of trust that spans industries and empowers businesses toward email marketing and data management expertise. The recent additions to our service offerings create an even more robust presence for each of our clients. Experience integration like never before with both Adsocial and seamless video embedding technology. Track your progress and customizable statistics with List Builder and Accutrak. Finally, find confidence in the team of professionals working tirelessly to provide the best customer experience of any email list management service on the market.

Businesses looking to jumpstart their email marketing strategies can learn more about the powerful tools described in this article by visiting Admail’s comprehensive [video library]. ( There, we break down each tool, describe best practices, and give easy-to-follow instructions to make your Admail experience as smooth as possible.

If your business is ready to reach its full email list potential with Admail, sign up for a 30-day free trial through our website. Follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook for company updates and important industry information — and look out for our next article, where we’ll explain how email hygiene practices lead to improved customer relations and better open rates.

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