Coming Soon... Increased Functionality for Interest Groups

Be on the lookout for additional functionality from your interest groups. We've upped the maximum allowable to 32 current interest groups and built in some new features.

We realized some users have a need for a large number of groups to sort and categorize while others were using the groups for testing purposes. One of the new features is the option to 'Purge' your interest group. This clears out all memberships and allows you to use that group again. But don't worry, no members are actually deleted, they simply will not be associated with that interest group any more.

When you first started using, you may not have foreseen the need or use of interest groups. As time went by, you developed a strategy and now wish that those early subscribers were included in a group. Or, perhaps you just purged a few groups and want to place any members that are 'orphaned' into a specific group. Our new 'Adopt' feature allows you to place users not associated with any group into a group of your choice. You will probably not use this feature often, but when it's needed, it will be invaluable.

At the end of the day, perhaps you need to double check your interest groups against your in-house database. Now you can get an email address listing of all of the members in a chosen group.

Look for these features around Wednesday, April 21st!

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