Concerned About the New Can-Spam Law? List Builder™ Can Help

The new Can-Spam law requires e-mail marketers to include an opt-out link in all campaigns. If a recipient requests to be removed from your mailing list, they are not to receive any further correspondence from you. This requires you to have and maintain an accurate and responsive suppression list for those who have opted-out or be faced with the possibility of fines and lawsuits.'s List Builder offers real-time suppression updates for individuals who opt-out of your campaigns. By clicking on the opt-out link that is included with every e-mail, List Builder removes that recipient from your active mailing list so they will not receive any further e-mails from you. They get removed from further mailings and you get the peace of mind knowing that your list is current and in compliance with the Can-Spam law. Best of all, ListBuilder is available on all accounts.

Why Choose with List Builder?

  • The entire process will be managed for you, saving valuable time and resources. No need for you or your employees to update, clean, or maintain your suppression file.
  • You will have confidence your e-mail complies with the Can-Spam law. Note - If your marketing violates the law you will be liable, whether you deal directly with an affiliate, or through a list broker or manager.

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