Client List Uploads Becoming More Versatile and Robust

Debuting the week of March 22, uploading your list of clients will become easier. If you have an Advantage account, you will be able to upload your list into your account in a variety of ways, including pipe delimited, comma delimited and tab delimited format. We recommend the pipe delimited format, because the pipe ( | ) is a very uncommon character in our language presents assures a higher degree of accuracy when our system reads your file. Comma delimited, or Comma Separated Value (CSV) is a very common Save As... option in most popular database and spreadsheet programs. As the comma is more prevalent in our language, the possibility of having data corrupted by a misplaced comma is slightly higher. Tab delimited is an older format that separates fields with tabs and is still an Export As... or Save As... option in some software. Tabs present the same possible problems as commas in data corruption.

After you upload your file, an output file will be available on your account home page. Please make sure you read the file as it contains advanced error reporting on any problems found in your file. This will help you make sure your list is clean and, if necessary, you can upload the file again after fixing the cause of the error.

Additionally, the new upload section offers you the flexibility of specifying which columns contain what data. Your uploaded file is no longer required to be in a specific order. This allows you to maintain your customer information as you wish and still have it be compatible with's ListBuilder.

Please be sure to check your ListBuilder Customer Signup Form- the fields you specify there will be the options available for ordering your columns. Also, you can choose to ignore a column if it contains data that is irrelevant to your account.

Increasing the versatility and options available is another way we strive to provide solutions for your marketing needs.

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