New Features at

The programmers at Admail have been hard at work developing new features for the web site.

There has been a new upload section added under your Manage Members area. This will allow you to automatically upload your e-mail list to us. But please be sure to conform to the specifications listed on the page. Right now there is only one upload format, others are in the works.

Another level of pricing has been added. Users of XP accounts can now find a higher-volume XP type account. XP2 has a six-month expiration date, just like that of an XP account, but with an increased capacity of 15,000 e-mails. This account is ideal for larger, one time mailings.

We've made some modifications to the choices you have when targeting your mailings. Now, when you select to send to multiple interest groups, you can chose to send to every member of each group or only to the cross section.

Last but not least, for those using newer web browsers, you will notice new functionality with our navigation menus at the left of our site. If you are still using an older browser, never fear, the menus will still look and function as they always have.

Go and take a look at the new features, we think they will help you target your mailings more efficently.

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