Concerns Raised by Experts

E-mail marketing experts have raised concerns about the quality of e-mail marketing and some poor practices in the field. These issues include personalization, SPF identification, 100% controlled e-mail bounces for better list hygiene, controlling how much e-mail going out on a single Interenet Address, e-mail templets that don’t contain nested tables. All of these issues are addressed by our team at and continue to be at the top of our priority list.

If you pick up and read nearly any Marketing publication today, you will find someone writing about deliverability, or the lack of it, especially if your try to use your home computer with cheap, off-the-shelf software. The first draw back is your limited resources to monitor your Internet Addresses and rotate them if they become blocked. Also, most standalone software is not equipped to properly handle bounces and remove requests, causing potential legal issues.

What you need to do
With all of the current attempts to block spam, it's inevitable that legitimate mail gets blocked as well. There is no magic bullet solution for this. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to encourage your recipients to add the from address of your email to their address book. (This can be referred to as white listing) This is especially true if you have a high concentration of hotmail and yahoo email addresses.

When using HTML and graphics, make sure you have real content in your e-mail, not an oversized GIF or JPEG. Be certain that you provide valid and useful information; Even if you are in their address book they can still move you to the trash- deliverability is not just getting past the spam filter.

Whenever possible, send your campaign during the day - no later than nine o'clock in the evening. Many users simply delete the mail receive after midnight.

Personalize your e-mail with at least their name. Let them know that record keeping is important to you. Send them an email using the personalization tool to encourage them to update other information, like address and phone. Use your Interest Groups to update them about the information important to them.

These tips are commonly known as 'Best Practices.' Following them shows your list members that you care about their patronage.

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