Creativity in Email Design - Do's & Don't's

  • Put your company name or brand in the "From" line. There is a higher likelihood if you are a source the recipient knows, they will open your email.
  • Keep the subject line relevant to the recipient. Most recipients make split-second decisions whether or not to open an email. You have a moments' opportunity to capture their interest and entice them to read more.
  • Don't design your email campaign to be read in it's entirety. Email is scrolled through, in a small preview pane. Design your email campaign so the key message appears above the fold line...above where the recipient has to scroll down. The challenge is to get the recipient to read further and ultimately click through to your web site.
  • Keep your email about the recipient. It's tempting to focus on your company, your product or your technology. However, the recipient cares about their needs, wants, frustrations, challenges, fears, concerns, and problems. Address these issues by answering their question..."how can this benefit me?" ~ and you'll see higher click-through and conversion rates.

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