Using the Signup Form

There are many advantages to using our signup form. First of's free! Secondly...We check the email address for errors that cause an email to not be delivered. Most web forms created by website developers never bother to check. When admail's signup form is submitted, our system checks the email address for the @ sign, spaces, double periods, and commas in place of periods--in short, all of the things that can make for an invalid email address. This feature reduces the number of undeliverable emails in your list, giving you better campaign results. And isn't that what you want?

Also, to guarantee continued delivery to your list members, at the bottom of our signup form we ask your members to add you to their safe senders list. On our newsletter sign up form, we instruct them to add to their address book.

Another benefit of our signup form includes the ability to require or not require a field. This feature gives you more accurate and valuable information about your customer/list member. Information you can use to target your campaigns, which again, will give you better campaign results. You can change which fields are displayed and required by editing your List Member Profile.

It may not seem of value, but we recommend you request a phone number or street address which gives you the ability to update list members whose address has become undeliverable over time. This improves list hygiene. You can also customize's sign up form with your logo, so it mirrors your website. For more information contact us.

NEED HELP? Call to speak with customer support @ 1-800-479-6233.

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