Deliverability Challenges Faced By B2B Marketers

All marketers face a challenge when it comes to delivering emails, but it is an even bigger issue for B2B marketers. This is because they are forced to meet a set of unique deliverability rules for each domain in databases filled with hundreds of different sets of rules. On the flip-side B2C marketers probably have a database laden with freemail accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc). They can resolve issues with individual providers and settle any problems with a huge portion of their list with one single effort. Below we look at some common B2B deliverability issues and how to fix them.

List Management

There seems to be a belief that the more emails you send the more successful you will be, but this is completely false. Since more than 10% of B2B emails are marked as spam and each email goes through a number of filters, it is best to manage your list and focus on quality over quantity.


We have already mentioned that a relatively high number of B2B emails are marked as spam and this can lead to complaints and damage to your company’s reputation. What you need to do is segment customers according to Job Title, Product Affinity, Downloads and Website Activity. It gives you clean leads from the beginning and the result is fewer complaints due to unwanted information. Companies that receive relevant content certainly won’t mark it as spam and are more likely to open and engage with the emails you send.

High Turnover

As there is high employee turnover in modern companies, it is likely that an employee leaves and the email address they use remains unused. As a result, you end up targeting a company using the wrong email address as it has been changed! The former employee often has the email address forwarded to him and receives your email and marks it as spam.

What you need to do is develop a reactivation campaign and this begins by sending emails asking the recipient if the right person is being reached. This should elicit a reaction whether it is a positive response or an ex-employee unsubscribing. You should use this kind of campaign to target inactive emails and find out if they are still in use. Then you can cut the cord if necessary and save time and resources.

B2B email marketing is more difficult than its B2C equivalent but the rewards can be so much greater when you get it right. Overcome the deliverability challenges discussed above and your business could have a very bright future.

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