Split Testing to Improve Results

Looking for ways to improve the success of your email campaigns? If you're sending without doing any testing, you're not utilizing all the features Admail.net has to offer and you may not be getting the best return on investment from your email marketing.

Email marketing is as much of an art as it is a science. It can be difficult to know exactly what will resonate with your customers. We suggest using split testing of two or more variants as a way to improve the success of large campaigns. Split testing involves creating several different versions of an email.

One of the keys to success with split testing depends on using the scientific method. You must avoid having too many variables or you won't be able to tell which change made the difference. For example, you may want to try a split test where in each version you have a different subject line or a different picture. Change one or the other only, or you won't know which variable made the difference.

It's easy to do split testing with Admail.net. Our Interest Group tools allow you to segment your interest groups quickly and easily while our Email Builder lets you create and save multiple versions of your drafts in the system.

When sending a large campaign, we suggest doing testing every time before you send out to the majority of your list. The insight that you can gain from testing may be extremely valuable and could increase your return on investment significantly. It can also prevent you from making errors. When you do a small split test you'll often catch typos or even more major problems like broken links before you send out to the rest of your list. You may also find that your subject line or content is triggering spam filters. If you've done a test, you can make changes to avoid these problems in your actual campaign.

If you want to read more about split testing and other ways to improve email conversion rates, check out our previous blog post here!

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