Let Me Count The Ways

A number of updates have been taken live over the past few weeks--we wanted to officially mention them before the next wave of updates comes.

First off, the load time for AccuTrak has been greatly improved. When you bring up your AccuTrak data, the listing will be displayed much faster. While this is a less visible change, it should increase your pleasure in using Admail!

For those users that utilize our double opt-in features, we've separated the confirmation campaigns from your normal mailings. You'll see a link to view Confirmation Campaigns at the top of AccuTrak.

When you view your Confirmation Campaigns, you'll see updated counts to better reflect the success of the campaign.

We've also updated the counts on your Account Home Page. Unconfirmed double opt-in List Members are displayed separately from other inactive List Members.

We've also added a few more changes to the Interest Groups page. Instead of using icons, we're now using buttons to describe actions. If we find that this is clearer, this practice may find its way around other areas of the site.

Buttons aside, we added back a Purge feature to the Interest Groups. Purging is something we lost when we redesigned Interest Groups awhile back, and some customers sorely missed it. You'll now find Purging Options in the yellow action box. Click that, select the groups to purge and you're set!

Lastly, the counts on the Interest Groups page have been updated to include Unconfirmed and Inactive counts along with Active List Members. Smaller lists will have all counts load automatically. Larger lists will display counts on demand, to make working with the page even faster.

That's all for now. Rumor has it that Email Builder is next on the docket for updates! As always, let us know if there's anything we can do to make Admail better for you.

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