You may notice a few changes in your AccuTrak statistics pages.  We'll give you a quick run through.

We moved the Status indicator to the left hand box. Rather than giving a percentage, it simply reflects what processing stage your campaign is currently in.  When your campaign is Mailing you'll be able to see progress by looking at the number sent.

Clickthroughs and Opens are a little more intelligent.  If no links are being tracked in your campaign, Clickthroughs will show a status of off. Likewise, if you sent a text-only email, the Opens count will read n/a, as opens are not tracked in text emails.

Lastly, we've added a new statistic--Non-deliverables. This is a complimentary statistic to Bounces. Non-deliverables includes List Members that have bounced their fourth and final time and also List Members that returned a bounce message that definitively states that they are no longer active.

As always, we appreciate your feedback!

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