List Degradation Over Time

No matter how well crafted and researched your email marketing campaign is, it's inevitable that you will lose list members over time. Quality of messaging and popularity of product can play a part in how quickly or slowly this degradation occurs, but it will happen. When sending to a new list, marketers often lose a large portion of their members over the first few mailings. The likelihood of this is dependent on the quality and source of your list. People get bored and interests change, it's an unavoidable truth. The challenge in marketing is to work against those forces and keep audiences engaged.

Email marketing is all about personal interactions with your customers. A mistake that some marketers make is not realizing that email is a very personal medium. Unlike traditional advertising on TV or in a magazine, email marketing reaches customers directly and intimately. In email marketing, your success is subject to the whims and emotions of your list members. You must compete directly with the declining tolerance and interest of a once fresh but now diminishing list. It's a constant struggle, but one worth succeeding in.

It's every marketer's job to make each email they send a positive experience for each recipient. This requires research, understanding, and dedication to the marketing process. Time spent crafting your email and thinking about how it will be received by a list member is always time well spent. While each customer is different, understanding the interests and desires of your list members can help you to keep your messages relevant and interesting. This is your goal, to provide a worthwhile experience for your list members so they remain engaged and do not unsubscribe, tune out, or send your email to their spam box. Always consider this when sending out a new email. Familiarity is good, but it can quickly turn into boredom. Customers like to know what to expect, but need new and relevant information to keep their interest.

Loss of list members is unfortunately still inevitable no matter how much of a marketing rockstar you are and the only way to counteract the loss is to continue to build your list organically. Depending on what kind of company you have, this can be done on your website with our sign up form, through purchase orders or your shopping cart, or even using QR codes in advertising or at the physical location of your business. If all goes well, you will not only make up for list members losses, but you'll grow your list as well. With a stable or growing list, you can continue to drive sales and gather new customers through your email marketing efforts.

Maintaining the size and quality of your list is a battle and it's not easy to do, of this there is no doubt, but don't be discouraged. There are many resources available today that can help you stay on top of your marketing challenges, including's customer service representatives and this blog. It's a battle worth winning, and in the end your bottom line and the growth of your business will reflect the effort that you put in. As always, we're here to help if you need us.

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