FTC 'Do Not Track' New Regulations

We've recently attended the DMA Conference in Washington D.C. The event was carried out to help marketers keep up to date with the changing legal landscape of the online marketing world. One focus of the event was the changing and growing FTC regulations concerning "Do Not Track."

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their private information on the internet and how their actions are being recorded and used. Therefore, stricter regulations are being put in place regarding what information websites can collect and how that information can be used.

From what we have seen so far, the new regulations will not affect Admail.net statistics tracking software at this time. We will remain diligent and informed while waiting to hear more on the issue. You can rest assured that we will take every action necessary to keep Admail and our customers in full compliance.

If you have your own website or online business and collect sensitive data, you should explore the new regulations yourself, but small businesses will be exempt in some cases. "The report concludes that the framework should not apply to companies that collect and do not transfer only non-sensitive data from fewer than 5,000 consumers a year."

Admail.net will make necessary changes as further relevant information is released and once new regulations are more fully understood.

For additional information about "Do Not Track" issues, visit the FTC website here:

You may also be interested in further resources to aid you in data security. The website linked to below outlines a number of steps that you can take to increase your online data security: http://www.us-cert.gov/alerts-and-tips/

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