Spam and Abuse Addresses mean Trouble for Everyone

There are an untold number of factors that play into the success or failure of email marketing endeavors. Some organizations will spend months creating and perfecting their message. Marketing has always been more of an art form than an exact science. What works for one company may not be right for another. Just like anything, hard work, research, and preparation are required to have true success. With so much to consider, some things tend to get overlooked or rushed. There is an unfortunate trend that has sabotaged many email marketing campaigns from the start, and could plague any marketers efforts if they aren't careful and informed. If spam trap and abuse addresses are popping up on your marketing list, it's likely that you have far further reaching list quality problems.

List quality is extremely important. It may be the single most important factor in email marketing success. The problem is, good lists are hard to come by. This has driven many email marketers to abandon their efforts of creating a list organically, and to purchase or otherwise obtain a list. This often results in a list of unsure origin and caused marketers to have a lack of understanding of their own list members. It also results in spam trap and abuse addresses appearing in marketing lists. If you have a marketing list and you are seeing these type of addresses, often as obvious as spam@ or abuse@, you should be very concerned. Not only will these addresses cause you massive headaches by causing problems with your own IPs, or getting you suspended from your mass mailing service, they also likely indicate that the rest of your list is plagued with other issues. If you have seen these type of addresses popping up on your list, it's time to seriously reevaluate your list collection process.

Users on who attempt to use a poor quality purchased list will likely have problems from the start. It's our job to protect the reputation of our IPs and ensure that our customers who do follow list collection best practices are not affected by those attempting to take short cuts. Accounts with low quality lists will be quickly moved to our lower tiers of IPs to protect other users. This is just the first step in the negative consequences low quality lists may have on your account. If you are caught with spam@, abuse@, or other known spam trap addresses on your list you are in danger of having your account suspended permanently.

Though we attempt to make email marketing as easy for our customers as possible, taking short cuts with the quality of your list is not something any marketer should do. We provide tools to make email marketing convenient and less time consuming, but the process is still a give and take. Marketers who cut corners and rush out campaigns can't expect to see the same type of results of companies who spend months collecting quality lists and perfecting their messaging. Marketing takes hard work, but that hard work will pay off. Don't throw your hard work down the drain and jeopardize your email marketing initiatives with junk lists.

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