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The upgrading of the template section of the web site is complete. You are no longer limited to the amount of articles available in each template.

Now, when you select one of our templates for your e-mail, you can also select how many articles you'd like to include in it. If, during the composition you need to add additional articles or delete one or more, it's as easy as a single click. Increased functionality also includes the ability to relocate articles within your mailing.

Additional features and upgrades to be on the lookout for:

Text link tracking: If you send text only e-mails or have text links in your mailings, you will soon be able to track the activity from those links and get the statistics for them, just as you can now do for link tracking in HTML.

Image repository: will soon be able to host the images want to include in your mailings. This will allow you to add images to your campaigns even if you don't have a web server to store them on.

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