CAN-SPAM Compliance in a Hormel® World

MX Logic reports that in July, CAN-SPAM compliance was less than 1 percent of all e-mail tested. Less than 1 percent! Granted, that's for all e-mail tested, including the really spammy stuff. But being CAN-SPAM compliant is not that difficult.

If you're not in compliance. it's time to get there. It isn't that hard and will keep you from having to lay out a hefty retainer for a CAN-SPAM suit. Here's what you have to do to become, and to remain, CAN-SPAM compliant:

* Make sure each piece of information in headers is accurate, true, and not misleading.

* Include an opt-out link and immediately honor opt-out and unsubscribe requests. ( automatically handles this for you)

* Include your physical business address.

* Indicate if the e-mail is an advertisement.

That's it! Put these simple measures into practice, and you're well on your way to full CAN-SPAM compliance.

To go the rest of the way, avoid the following:

* Don't send to harvested e-mail addresses.

* Don't use automated means to guess e-mail addresses.

* Don't send e-mail from or through any computer to which you don't have access or user permission.

* Don't send e-mail that contains misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent header information or content.

* Don't continue to send e-mail to someone who opted out or unsubscribed from your mailing list.

* Don't share or otherwise transfer to anyone the e-mail address of someone who opted out or unsubscribed from your mailing list.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced it has arrested and indicted dozens of spammers, Internet fraudsters, and online pirates in the largest CAN-SPAM crackdown to date.

Rather than figuring out how much you can get away with before you're visited by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), bite the bullet and get CAN-SPAM compliant. It isn't just the FTC and the DOJ you need to worry about, it's the goodwill and reputation of your company.

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