Rethink When to Send Campaigns

We have all learned the best day to deliver correspondence is Tuesday. The reason... Tuesday is the lightest day for mail delivery and therefore your piece is less likely to get lost in the barrage.

This thinking has transcended from conventional marketing to e-marketing and while it worked in the beginning, the time has come for a shift in the paradigm. Why? If it's common knowledge for marketers, it's common knowledge for spammers too.

Recent studies of more than 22,000 e-mail campaigns and 10 million messages sent in the first four months of 2004 supports the fact that the opening habits of your recipients are changing.

The following numbers are based on the results of studies. Your rates will vary based on a number of factors including list hygiene, content, etc.

So when should you send your blasts?

The best day of the week is Monday, which is the clear winner for open rates. Following that are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday with the worst being the weekend.

The best time of day to mail is 6am - 10am followed by 10pm -2am and 2pm - 6pm. The worst time to send your blasts are between 10am and 2pm (all times are Eastern Time Zone).

Putting it together:

The best day/time combinations for sending your campaigns are: Monday between 6am and 10am, Tuesday between 6am and 10am, Tuesday between 10pm and 2am, Monday between 2am and 6am and Monday between 2pm and 6pm.

These studies showed a difference of 12+ percent in open rates based on the day and time a campaign is sent. It is clear that the scheduling of your campaigns can have a significant impact on the success of your program and response rates.

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