Our Pricing Vs. Competitors

We think our pricing plans are the best in the industry.

Our plans are straight forward and we never charge you for service that you won't need or use.  The combination of our low starting prices and our affordable plans along with our versatile flex credits, gives our customers the most for their money.

Our plans are based directly on the number of emails you can send each month. Many of our competitors have plans based on a limited list size, to us this doesn't make sense.

For example, one of our competitors offers a plan that costs $50 dollars a month. It has a limited list size of 2,501-5,000. You can send to this list an unlimited number of times but what if you have a larger list that you want to send to less often?

Based on their plan you are forced to pay based on your list size, NOT how many emails you are sending out. This system works great if you want to send out to your small list many, many times each month, but this is a dangerous practice that almost all email marketers will agree has a high risk of alienating and annoying your customers.

At Admail we believe in reaching more customers in a less invasive way. With our 25k Annual Plan ($45.42/Month), you can have a list of any size and send out 25,000 emails each month. Which means..

..with Admail you can reach 5 times as many customers each month, for less.

Using our competitor you can only reach 5,000 customers at this price point. If you only have a list of 2,501, you must pay the same price as 5,000. Sure you can send to that list as many times as you'd like, but does bombarding the same customers over and over each month seem wise when you could instead contact a larger number of potential customers with more tact each month?

With Admail you are not limited by your list size, which means you can increase your number of customers not just the amount of times you send to them. This greatly decreases the risk of over saturation.

Our plans are also flexible, not forcing your to jump to a large monthly increase if you need to go slightly over your emails for the month. With our Flex Credits you can always buy more credits ($1.81/1000 Flex Emails on the 25k Annual Plan) at any time.

Take a look at our pricing broken down by monthly cost.

Advantage Small Business Plan: $149 a year ($12.42/Month), send 2000 emails each month.
10k Annual Plan: $275 a year ($22.92/Month), send 10,000 emails each month.
25k Annual Plan: $545 a year ($45.42/Month), send 25,000 emails each month.
75k Annual Plan: $975 a year ($81.25/Month), send 75,000 emails each month.

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