Put Away Last Years Play Book…

Put away last years play book and get to know your customers! Each customer and campaign is different – what worked yesterday may not work today and vice versa. Touching base with your clients regularly and closing the feedback loop when it comes to performance are just some of many ways you can maintain engagement with your past, present and future clients.

What’s Your Unique Value Proposition?

Email marketing vendor rankings are based on a number of variables including technology components such as platform itself, system automation and data integrity. What may surprise you is that also among the top factors influencing the decision of email media buyers are:

  1. Good Account Managers
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Database & Campaign Support
  4. Other Professional Services
  5. Access to Leadership

Source: The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Vendors, Q3 2014

So next time you think that data speaks exclusively when it comes to quality, remind yourself that companies do business with people, not businesses. Not every offer or campaign is going to have stellar performance and those are typically the best ones to learn from. Proposing creative, website and targeting optimizations, making yourself available to answer questions as well as offering ways to address concerns can help differentiate your company and create successful campaigns moving forward.

Evaluating ROI

Determining ROI can be measured in many ways with email and other forms of digital marketing. Most commonly, advertisers are responsible for implementing a branding and direct marketing strategy that not only fits best with their budget but yields the most results. Everyone wants to “look good” to their superiors – as an advertising agency, it’s our responsibility to help them achieve this goal.

Before the start of any campaign, it’s important to ask your client or prospect some key questions:

  • How will performance be measured? Website or event traffic? Lead forms? Sales? If the channel you’re promoting is not a good fit for these goals, you may be doing your client a disservice by not being transparent.
  • What is your budget? Is this a test campaign or an established client looking for new sources? This will help you price the media appropriately and establish trust with your client.
  • When do you plan to go live and how long will the promotion or campaign run for? Consistency is almost as important as testing. You should have a clear game plan and timelines for evaluation.

Why are you looking to boost your marketing efforts? To create brand awareness? To drive sales or increase customer base? Get signups for a newsletter or drip campaign? Become your client’s partner – not just a vendor, by understanding their priorities.

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