An Explanation of Campaign Responses and Returns

The way that handles campaign replies is somewhat unique. All reply emails have to be handled directly by the system to provide the best results to our customers.

One of the major reasons for this is to prevent our customers from having to manually maintain their email database. By internally handling each and every reply that is returned by a campaign, we are able to automatically manage your bounces, unsubscribe requests, and maintain our feedback loops. Having the replies come to us and then be forwarded on to you also allows us to report statistics to our users accurately and in a timely manor.

Without having replies pass through our hands, you'd have to manage all of these issues on your own, which would be nearly impossible to do with the high volume of mail that we see many of our customers send.

We recently sent out a message to our LinkedIn followers using another Social Engines invite system, unaware that it was using our Apple Mail server and reply address and the results we're.. unfortunate. We sent out to only 368 people, but as you can see in the proceeding image, managing the results was a mess.

The image below represents only a sample of the returned messages we got from the mailing. Everything from mail delivery errors to automatic replies flooded our inbox.

Our solution is to collect all replies internally and filter them ourselves. In the vast majority of cases this is to the benefit of our users. We are then able to report all of the information to them through AccuTrak, automatically manage their database through List Builder, and get all of their legitimate replies into their inbox. Another benefit to the method that we use is the fact that it protects your personal email address. No customer will ever see your email address when replying so your address can not be stolen and put on lists or spammed.

Our goal is to make the process of email marketing as easy for you as possible. If you have any problems or questions with replies, or with any aspect of the Admail system. Please contact us. Our customers are always our number one priority!

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