Rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The future is coming faster than anyone could have possibly imagined. Computers are getting faster, programs are
getting smarter, and the world is ripe for the creation of AI to do all day-to-day tasks. AI or Artificial
Intelligence is everywhere, even today, and it is getting increasingly powerful, not powerful enough to wipe out
humanity, but powerful enough to start making decisions for companies and people based on a series of calculations
and statistics. Essentially anywhere that you must aggregate data and find the best result, AI is there giving you
options. This may sound like science fiction, but look at your GPS and see how it determines the route based
on road speeds, traffic, and time. Computers are making these decisions and are learning from the changing world
to help you, and that is just the beginning. AI won't just help your everyday life, but your business can
prosper from it as well!

Types of AI in Business

Companies are using a vast variety of different Computer programs and AI to crunch numbers and produce effective
results without the risk of human error. AI comes in all shapes and sizes and isn't just a way to better your business
and decide what to do next, but it allows you to create a personalized bubble for your customers. Companies will soon
stop blanket marketing techniques and start marketing to each individual separately, both increasing the consumer's
happiness and increasing the company's profit. Here is a list of examples on how AI is becoming more
popular in companies across America.

Content Curation

This AI program runs predictive analytics that helps improve the consumer's experience with your product. This is used
on sites like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and probably most recognizable, Netflix. All those recommendations and videos
you might like are all calculated by AI to provide you with more stuff you may like.

Search Engine Optimization

This AI knows what you want and will gladly demonstrate his knowledge by pulling up related articles and websites. A
practice used by major search engines, AI can use a combination of what you are searching for combined with your
past search history to provide you with the results that are carefully catered for you.

Maximizing Product Pricing

This use of AI is an extreme use of number crunching and predictive analytics; it compares a company's prices with
other companies, predicts consumer use and purchases in the future, predicts losses and gains at certain pricing,
predicts the results of different prices, uses inventory levels and trends, and it uses all this knowledge to predict
the perfect price for a product to maximize its profit potential.

Chat Bot

This AI uses its knowledge it learns from a conversation and expands its own understanding of human behavior and use of
words to better help people. Useful as a replacement to help desks and can be used like SIRI or ALEXA, this AI helps
people and gives them someone to talk to, even when no one is there.

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