Rise of AI (Continued)

In our last post, we discussed the various types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs
that can help businesses today. Now we'll continue the discussion with types of AI that can
help out with your marketing, before leaving you with some final thoughts.

AI and Marketing

Marketing has been around for a long time and is an essential step that every business needs to take to get to that
next level. AI can offer a cornucopia of new options when it comes to marketing, and it is all becoming available as
you read this. Here are a couple of ways AI is looking useful in terms of marketing!

Customer Directed Content

AI technology can calculate what makes your consumer excited to buy a product and introduce this into your ads and
marketing emails. This allows every consumer to see which of your products are best for them and how to get them. This
can be anything from a specific ad being emailed to a consumer that recently searched for a product or, as you see
often searching the web, can be personalized ads in every website this consumer goes to.

Social Media

AI is becoming good enough that using them as a social media user substitute may save your company time. If the AI
learns what your followers want to see and can answer your follower's questions, then that's time for you and your
employees to spend on more pressing matters.

Automated List Segmentation

Using AI to learn from your consumer's interests and a series of other email statistics like open rates and click
through, AI can curate specific segmented lists to maximize your ad campaign. Rather than strictly targeting different
demographic groups you can begin to target people with certain interests using their search history or email interest
history. This can lead to a greater increase in sales while not requiring extensive work and research to hand
segment these lists.

As a reminder, all these systems are new technology and are not perfect. However, they are quickly improving as more
and more tests are run, and companies implement them.


AI appears to be the future, and new uses for this blossoming technology are coming out daily. The possibilities are
endless, and business will never be the same. AI will be driving your car, constructing your budget, creating your
marketing campaigns, trading stocks, building websites, keeping people company, and managing our industrial
logistics. But no matter how advanced AI can get, Humans will always need to be there to give computers a guiding
hand. Until we can program pure creativity and independent thought, computers will always be nothing more than
super calculators.

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