6 Tips for Creating Effective SMS Campaigns

SMS marketing is that one area of advertising that many business people are rushing to but few know how to properly utilize. One common problem that advertisers have is that their messages sometimes seem more like spam than legitimate advertising. In this article, you’ll learn 6 effective SMS marketing tips and how to run successful text message marketing campaigns.

1. Send your best deals and offers

Always let your target audiences know that there is something special in it for them when they respond to your texts. This way your messages will be relevant and will compel people to respond. An example of such a text might be “Take 20% off your order with code FIREBOX.”

Include expiration dates

Convince potential customers of the urgency of your offers. This way they will feel more compelled to respond to your email if they believe they may miss out if they do not act within a certain time limit.

Bring calls to action front and center

Always be clear about what action you want your customers to take once they land on your site. If you want them to buy then say that.

Run a Sweepstakes/Contest

Sweepstakes are a good way to spread the word about a product or service. They also let the public know that they can get a great deal for a minimal cost. Just be sure you lead people to a page on your site that explains all the rules of your contest or sweepstake.

Use live chat to convert leads into SMS subscribers

Turn the live chat on your site into an automated path to SMS subscription. This way you will be able to increase average order value, increase conversions, and build loyalty among customers.

Avoid irritating your potential customers

You never want to leave a bad taste in the mouths of people you are trying to lead to your site. Thus, you should avoid overwhelming your target audience with messages or communicating with them about unimportant matters. To put it simply, you do not want your messages to become spammy.

An SMS marketing campaign can be wide-reaching and quite effective. In fact, few mediums connect with so much of the population and are as cost effective as SMS marketing is. Treat your SMS contacts with respect and consider leaving it to professionals like us to conduct your next campaign. We can do so with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Our customers can also use our email campaign platform to make their advertising reach even more people. We are one of the best email marketing companies on the Internet.

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