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5 Foolproof Tips for Writing SMS Copy

The key to success in SMS text marketing is to create engaging and succinct copywriting that engages your audience. Do this correctly and you will reap the benefits of one of the most powerful forms of advertising there is. Do it incorrectly and you will miss a prime opportunity to connect with your audience. Here are our 5 tips for writing great SMS copy and making a success of your campaign

Be concise and keep it short

You should ideally keep your messages to less than 160 characters when sending an SMS text message. Remember, you are not writing a novel. You are trying to communicate what should be a short, specific message.

Research your target customers

Without knowing who your target is and what their interests are, there is no way you can create relevant copy that is likely to compel them to perform a desired action. And while you may not know each and every recipient intimately, having a careful understanding of your “target reader” will result in higher open rates for your messages.

Proofread your copy once and then proofread it again

Your brand is at stake when you communicate with potential customers. Thus, you do not want to project an unprofessional image of your business. Go over your copy several times for errors before sending it out to your target audience.

Instill in your messages a sense of urgency

If your messages do not contain a sense of urgency then your recipients may just ignore them - indefinitely. If this happens you may lose the interest of your audience for good. Let readers know why opening and responding to your text is important and how it benefits them.

Personalize your messages

Personalize your SMS by including the name of the recipient. This will create greater engagement and make your company seem more accessible. The ability to do this is one of the great strengths of SMS text marketing.

There is no doubt that SMS text marketing should play a powerful role in your marketing efforts going forward. Keep these tips and techniques in mind as you re-examine your existing approach and consider implementing new strategies. You should also not forget email advertising and using an email advertising template to be able to quickly create messages aimed at your target audience. We can help you communicate more efficiently with your audience regardless of its size.

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