The Value of's Signup Form and Welcome Email

Do you utilize's signup form? If not, you're losing a great opportunity! Our signup form will automatically add list members to your database, while gathering pertinent information about your list members' wants, needs and preferences.

How do you create a signup form that you can put on your website? Visit Signup Form under List Builder. This page will present you with a few things to consider before you add the signup form to your site.

The List Member Profile allows you to define the information you need about your list members. Check the Display box and that field shows up on your signup form. Check the Required box and your signup form will force the list member to complete that field.

Interest Groups give every list member the opportunity to select their own interests. Any Interest Group that is not flagged as 'hidden' will show up on your signup form.

Sidenote: Use profile information and interests in subsequent mailings and you'll get better campaign results. Personalized information is great for list segmentation and targeted mailings. Targeted mailings don't cost any more to send than a blast; a little preparation and you're guaranteed better response rates and you'll reduce recipient burnout.

If you have an Advantage plan or have purchased the Custom Signup Form feature, you can make your signup form look like your website. Be sure to preview your signup form before you go live.

Lastly, add the form to your website. Do this by following the link to "Add Signup Form to Your Site" and answering a few questions. Copy the code into your site and you're on your way to using a valuable tool to help build your business.

What happens after a new user signs up can set the tone for good customer relations. Since your key communications will be sent to your list members exclusively through email, it is very important to create a good initial experience. To help with this, has an automated Welcome email. Visit List Builder, Signup Form and scroll down to "Set up your Welcome email."

It's good business sense to acknowledge when someone signs up by sending a welcome email. It confirms your presence by telling the customer “Yes, we’re out here and we appreciate your interest in our company, product or service.” It is simple to set up automated emails that say, "Thanks for signing up; we look forward to sending you great stuff”. Then, send something of value immediately, like your latest newsletter or your current promotional offer.

When you send a welcome message you have another opportunity to ask the recipient to add you to their address book or contact list. When recipients add you to their approved senders list it increases your in-box deliverability rates. Here's a good example of a welcome message:

Subject: Signup Confirmation

Thank you for your interest. To ensure future delivery of this email please add us to your address book.

*Windows users right click on the From address, then select "Add to Address Book."

*Mac users hold down the control key, click on the From address, then select "Open in Address Book."

*Yahoo users click on the "Add" icon

*Hotmail users click on "Save Address"

Thanks again,

Using's signup form, along with an email welcome message, is an effective marketing technique you can implement with very little effort. Over time, it will drive significant repeat traffic and create substantial sales potential.

Benefits of using's Signup Form

  • Automatically adds each person who signed up to your list member data base.
  • Better campaign results and list hygiene. We check every email address for all the things that can make for an invalid email address.
  • Gather pertinent information about your list members' wants, needs and preferences.
  • Send segmented and targeted campaigns using the information you gather. How effective is sending the same email to everyone?
  • Mirror the look and feel of your web site. You can customize's signup form to look like your website.
  • Guarantee continued delivery to your list members. At the bottom of the signup survey form we ask your members to add you to their safe senders list, along with instructions.

Benefits of Using a Welcome Email

  • Build good customer relations
  • Thank the list member for their interest
  • Opportunity to remind your list member to add you to their address book or approved contact list

How to instruct your list members to add your sending address to their known sender list.

Want more info to ensure delivery to your members' inbox?

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