Interest Groups Reloaded

We've upgraded our Interest Group feature! If you have an Advantage plan, or an XP plan that includes Interest Groups, check it now!

The new interface isn't all just flash and good looks--we've included a number of new features to make your life easier. Best of all, it all runs on one page so that all of your information is right at hand.

Sort Your Interest Groups: Now you can easily put your Interest Groups in any order you want. Look up in the yellow action box and find the link that says "Sort Interest Groups." Click that to turn on sorting. Now you can drag and drop your Interest Groups into any order. When you've got them the way you want, click "Save Order."

Active Counts: We know that you're all tired of clicking the "edit" icon and going to a separate page every time you want to get a count for a specific group. Now, when the Interest Group page loads, it will fetch your active List Member counts for each group! No more tiresome back-and-forth when all you want is to check your numbers.

Hidden by Default: We found that a lot of clients created Interest Groups without noticing the tiny "Hidden" checkbox on the old page. Many didn't even know that this feature existed! So, from now on, when you create an Interest Group, it will be hidden. That means that it won't show up on your Signup Form or on your Remove page. If you want to make it visible, just click the "change" link next to the Display Status. Easy as that!

Inline Editing: Need to change the name of an Interest Group? Click on the "Edit" icon and do it right away. Change the name, click OK, and the new name will be saved without you ever leaving the page.

Advanced Creation: Add a new Interest Group by clicking the link in the yellow action box. Type in the name, click OK, and the new group will be inserted at the top of your list. There are also some advanced options that allow you to add List Members to the group while you create it. You can select List Members from the last file you uploaded, List Members that aren't in any other Interest Groups, or select List Members from any of your existing Interest Groups.

The Future: You'd think that after making all of those changes that there wouldn't be anything else left to do with Interest Groups. But we're not quite done. There's one more batch of changes in the works that's sure to please an additional segment of you.

Interest Groups are a great way to segment and divvy up your List Builder list. List Members can be in one group, many groups, or no groups. Use them to target your mailings effectively to give you better response and higher recipient satisfaction.

P.S. Did I mention that we upped the number of Interest Groups? Instead of thirty-two Interest Groups, you now have fifty! Enjoy!

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