6 tips for your next e-mail

  1. Does my subject line entice readers to open?
    They are the most important 8-10 words in your campaign. Make sure yours is a clear, concise introduction that entices your readers to take a look inside.
  2. Am I making the most of the preview pane?
    At first glance, many of your recipients will just see the first few inches of your campaign, so make your point and your brand standout, also assume they may not see your graphics USE TEXT!
  3. Is my email easy on the eyes?
    With simple, intentional font and style choices, you'll help grab and keep your readers' attention.
  4. Does the message come through, even if the images don't?
    Since many email clients don't automatically display images, balancing yours with text will help you make your point in any display possibility.
  5. Does this email have a personal touch?
    Whether it's with a personalized greeting, warm tone, or specialized content, make sure your email feels like a conversation with people who know you, not a blinding "blast".
  6. Does my email need to be gender specific?
    Fact: Women read, men scan bullets & images - the List Builder "Signup Form" lets you ask and Email Builder "Target Filters" help you target your audience - it only takes a few seconds to ask. For help contact Customer Service.

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