Trusted Email, It's Imperative

One of every marketer's primary aims is to earn consumer trust. Judging from a recent survey, many marketers need to get the trust issue right. Although trust plays a role in all forms of advertising, it has particular importance for email marketers.

Consumers responding to the survey indicate their trust level in terms of different advertising forms:

  1. Word of mouth from friends and family
  2. Branded Web sites
  3. Opt-in email

So how do these stats affect the email world? Very simple. For consumers to respond to e-mail marketing messages, they must have some degree of trust in:

* Product category

* Your company

* The message itself and emailing practices

Realistically you can't control your products' category, and it's difficult to change how your company is perceived. That leaves the e-mail message itself and the practices surrounding message delivery.

A few more relevant stats from the same study:

* 63% say most ads aren't relevant.

* 60% find ads to be misleading.

* 54% think ads manipulate consumers.

So what can you do to establish trust from your consumers?

* Target email so it's relevant; there's no sense in sending e-mail to people who never demonstrated any interest in your product.

* Never mislead.

* Don't try to manipulate customers. They're smart and will see right through it.

According to "The American Heritage Dictionary," trust is "firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing." The best advertising to produce is advertising that establishes trust. And advertising that is trusted is backed up by integrity and character.

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