Why Buying a List can be a Bad Idea!

We understand the difficulties involved in developing a good customer list--it requires dedication and perseverance.  Taking short cuts and purchasing third party lists requires a significant amount of due diligence.

  1. Are the list members customers of the seller?
  2. Is there an active signup form you can see?
  3. Is the seller/list owner willing to be disclosed as the source of the list in your email?
  4. Can the list owner or broker provide references?
  5. Claims like Double or Triple Opt-in are a Red Flag.
  6. When was the list last emailed?
  7. You get what you pay for - If sounds to good to be true it is.
  8. Can I pay you(list owner) once the list passes an Admail Compliance check?

Below is a prime example of a third party list that got a client permanently suspended from our service. The client purchased a list from Data Depot. It was "Opt-in" according to the list broker and while it initially was able to get past our Compliance check, the end result was only 67% deliverable. To make matters worse it triggered an RBL listing, so the client even jeopardized their web site hosting service.

Why third party lists are a bad idea!

An organically grown list takes more time but the list members are worth that much more!

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