Your Admail Sign Up Form

In email marketing, a large part of your success will rely on the quality of your list and the relationship that you build with your list members. Using the sign up form is the easiest way to add new members directly to your list. The Sign Up Form is easy to set up and can be distributed as a link either on your site or anywhere else, such as at the point of sales or in print advertising, you'd like to put it. With our recent addition of QR Codes, you can now use a QR Code to make your sign up form easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

The Sign Up Form will add new email members to your list directly and securely. You can also gather other information through the form. You decide how few or how many fields you'd like to include and all the information will be stored in your database. The sign up form can utilize interest groups to organize your members by interests as well.

We recommend that when you direct people to your sign up form that you make it very clear to them what they are signing up for and how often they will receive email from you. The more transparent you are in your sign up process, the less risk of complaints you'll have. There is very little value in having a list member who isn't interested in your mailing. Sending to them is a waste of email credits. Nothing is more important than trust between you and your members.

You can find detailed instructions on how to set-up your Sign Up Form on the Sign Up Form page under the List Builder tab.

You can learn more about the Sign Up Form by watching the video user guide here.

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