25 Buyer Persona Starter Questions

Understanding your target audience is the first step in improving your digital marketing efforts. One of the best ways to gather more information to build your buyer persona is to simply ask.

As you begin to reach out to your customers to better understand their buying habits, lifestyle, income, and more, you’ll want to ask the right questions. Being too invasive is likely to turn the customer off, but asking questions that return general information will not help you create the specific profile you need to adjust your marketing message.

How to Ask Customer Persona Questions?

In addition to understanding the right questions to ask to build your customer persona, you also need to consider how and when to pose the data-seeking inquiries. Below is a list of marketing communication pieces that offer an opportunity to insert certain questions to gather more information about your consumers.

  • Email signup: Have customers give basic information like their name, email, and zip code
  • Welcome email: Ask customers to complete their profile so you can send birthday discounts, personalized product recommendations, and sale alerts
  • “Unlock personalized discount” email: Require customer to answer set of questions to unlock a personalized code for a discount or free product
  • Purchase confirmation email: Once a conversion is made, invite the customer to your site to review the product or service
  • Customer survey: Online surveys offer a higher completion rate when an incentive is offered (i.e. chance to win gift card or new product)

As you pose more questions to your customers, have a system in place to organize the data and draw conclusions about who your customer is, their buying preferences, and basic demographics.

Customer Persona Questions

There are multiple facets of your target customer. From their professional environment to home and family, the more you understand about the consumer, the more specific you can be with your email marketing message. Use the questions below to build a thorough persona:

  • The Basics
    • Age
    • Children
    • Education
    • Gender
    • Income
    • Location
  • Marital status
    • On the Job
    • Career path
    • Company size
    • Do they manage others
    • Employment industry
    • Job title
    • Special skills
  • Personal Values
    • What is important when considering product or service?
    • What drives decisions toward purchase?
    • What is important when considering brand?
  • Goals
    • What are their personal goals?
    • What are their career goals?
    • What challenges do they face in achieving these goals?
    • How can your brand help?
  • Influences
    • Where do they gather information?
    • Do they consult online reviews?
    • Do they belong to associations or groups?
    • Do they travel?
    • What hobbies do they enjoy?

Building your customer persona may lead you to discover you have multiple ideal buyers. Group the data accordingly and continue to layer on characteristics and information as you receive it from consumers.

Use the information to create targeted email marketing messages. Build HTML responsive emails, as well as text only emails to see which registers best with your audience. By choosing an email service that’s focused on user experience, you’ll create powerful messages and have time remaining to focus on engaging with your customers. Explore Admail’s platform through a product demonstration video.

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