Audited Sender Program

Is your email delivery mission critical? Is your customer base super sensitive? Improve in box delivery with our Audited Sender Program. has a Audited Sender Program. Our program was created to mirror current internet standards for email accreditation. With tougher compliance issues, high reputation standards are required to become accredited. Being accepted into Audited Sender Program is a big step to improving your reputation as an email sender with your customer base and with major ISP’s and Blacklist Groups.

Criteria for Acceptance into’s Audited Sender Program
We measure email reported data. Acceptance into our program is based on your reputation factors of email volumes, complaint rates, unknown user rates, security practices, identity stability and unsubscribe functionality and list quality to name a few. We require email marketers follow protocol and the industries whitelisting criteria established by ISP’s and Permission Based Email Marketing (PBEM) practices.

What is Permission Based Email Marketing (PBEM)?
In the simplest terms it is the recipients expressed consent to receive email marketing messages from you about your product or service. PBEM is the best marketing approach because it begins with the “Permission First” concept.

What are the Benefits of PBEM?

  • First of all, it is email marketing that is legal and is welcomed, unlike unsolicited junk email, which is loathed.
  • It is respected and portrays a professional, ethical image. You’ll keep your reputation clean, while increasing trust and brand affinity.
  • Low cost distribution to interested, targeted readers. Why waste budget dollars? You’ll get a higher return on your ROI by identifying those who will most likely respond to your product or service, resulting in better campaign results.
  • You’ll get better respond rates, deliverability, higher open rates, fewer unsubscribes, spam complaints and blocks. Your list may be smaller than an unsolicited list, but PBEM is the only way to successfully market to your list member long term.

Sending targeted, relevant, timely messages to interested users yields better results by building relationships.

Compliance to’s Audited Sender Program

  • Marketers must follow protocol and whitelisting criteria.
  • Use Permission Based Email Marketing list and track/record all customer permissions with date and time received.
  • Affirmative Consent, which includes:
    • Double Opt-in: A user has elected to receive email newsletters or standalone commercial messages. A confirmation email is then sent to the user to which he/she must reply (either by replying to the message or clicking on a URL contained within) before the list owner may add them to their list.
    • Confirmed Opt-in: A user has elected to receive email newsletter or standalone commercial messages by clicking on a URL contained within. A confirmation email is sent, but the user is not required to take further action in order to be included on the list. The confirmation email includes the opportunity to remove their subscription.
    • Opt-in: A user has actively elected to receive email newsletter or standalone commercial messages. No confirmation email is sent and a user is not required to take further action to be included on the list. Each email includes the opportunity to remove their subscription. Acceptable only to users of Signup Form.
  • Subject line should accurately reflect the message, purpose and content. Marketers should not falsify the subject line to mislead recipients about the content of the email.
  • The “From” line should contain the marketer’s company name or brand.
  • Body of the email message should be relevant to what the recipient originally agreed upon. Clearly describe your offer and its benefits. Avoid words, phrases, coding, punctuation, designs common to spam.
  • Include marketers physical postal address in every email and follow all protocol and whitelisting criteria.

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