How to Measure Campaign Results

When you send out an email campaign, there are a number of statistics that come into play.

Bounces- When you send email, there's always a chance that some messages may not be delivered and will be returned. This is called a 'Bounce'. This is quite normal, due to the volatile nature of email addresses. However, if you see a sudden increase of bounces on a new campaign, you may want to review your email's contents to determine any deliverability issues. automatically handles bounces and will clean your list as you send mail.

Removes- A list member has clicked on a unsubscribe link, indicating they no longer want to receive mailings from you. A high number of removes on a campaign may indicate that your campaign did not meet the expectations of your list members.

Replies- A list member has responded to your email campaign. Make sure that you have a customer service email address specified so that you can read these for important feedback.

Opens- This number indicates how many people opened your email campaign. Knowing how it is generated, and how to interpret the open rate is vital. The calculation of the open rate relies on an embedded image in your email, downloaded when the message is opened. Sometimes activated when "Load Images" or "Problems viewing email" is clicked. List members whose email programs do not support HTML or are set to text only are not counted. On the flipside, most email programs have a preview pane where messages are displayed and can be counted as an open, whether the recipient actually reads them or not. Note: Opens should not be heavily weighted in your analysis of campaign.

Clickthroughs- Probably the most important statistic. Clickthroughs represent the list members that not only opened and read your email, but also clicked on a link in it! Your campaign gave them exactly what they wanted and they were interested enough to take further action.

We often get questions about what constitutes a good open rate, or a bad remove rate. There's an easy answer: It depends.

The type of business that you run will determine what is good for you. Some companies rely on the regular clickthrough conversion to sales that their campaign generates. For others, their newsletter is a reinforcement of their brand and does not require any specific result.

Note: We recommend not looking at your results or sharing campaign results for 24 hours. Remember the rule...80% for 72 hours. 80% response rate is complied within the first 72 hours.

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