Refresher Course...Can-Spam Law Compliance

Following are Can-Spam Compliance Rules bullet points. To read the entire bill, click here.

  • Make sure each piece of information in the header is accurate, true, and not misleading.
  • Include an opt-out link and honor opt-out and unsubscribe requests with in 30 days. ( automatically handles this for you in real time)
  • Include your physical business address. ( has included this option on the "Review Your Email" page.
    Check the box and it will automatically insert the mailing address you gave when you registered. One click and you are in compliance.)
  • Don't send email from or through any computer to which you don't have access or user permission.

Here are some guidelines users must follow:

  • Don't send to harvested email addresses.
  • Don't use automated means to guess email addresses.
  • Don't send email that contains misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent header information or content.
  • Don't continue to send email to someone who opted out or unsubscribed from your mailing list. (Admail's Remove Link handles this automatically. If your list member contacts you by phone, fax or email you will need to remove them manually in List Builder. Select "Your List", now at the "Manage List Members" page search for that list member and click the red remove icon.)
  • Don’t share or transfer to anyone the email address of someone who opted out or unsubscribed from your mailing list.

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