Build an Email List with Admail's List Builder

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is with email marketing. For small-businesses and startups that are just entering the growth phase, building an email marketing list can seem daunting. What most marketers don’t realize, is there are tools to support you in gaining and segmenting quality contacts.

Admail's List Builder™ is designed to do just that, but before we dive into the features, let’s cover the basics of a quality email list. Having 10,000 names means very little if those contacts aren’t targeted consumers who have opted into your marketing campaigns. Instead of focusing on the length of your marketing list, we suggest you invest your time into these factors:

  1. Users who have asked you to contact them. Don’t miss the opportunity to immediately send out a welcome email to those who sign up for your content.
  2. Users who make a purchase. Add an opt-in box during the check out process that allows the user to receive content, deals, and more via email.
  3. Internal email list. Your employees and loyal customers can help share the valuable content you create. Include a “share this email” button within each campaign.
  4. A clean list. Scrub your list of constant “undeliverable” emails or those who haven’t actively engaged (opened) your messages in the past six months.

Once you’ve developed a quality email list from the contacts you have on file—even if it’s just 10 people—you can start to grow your contacts with Admail's List Builder™.

What is Admail's List Builder?

Manage and grow your marketing list from one database tool. The intuitive tool allows you to offer customized opt-in data capture, automatic duplication handling, and segment your audience into specific areas of interest.

By capturing a user’s key information, List Builder makes it easy for you to target only a portion of your list members. Use identifiers like member's likes, dislikes, email preference, geographic location, and demographic profiles to create personalized content and send to the most engaged users. Plus, your customers can customize their email preferences, telling you even more about their habits and interests.

List Builder allows you to build a signup form that is on-brand with the rest of your website or landing page. With a customized call-to-action, you create a more trustworthy, attractive signup space.

Features of Admail's List Builder

Managing your database shouldn't be complicated and List Builder makes it easy regardless of your database management experience. Not only can you create custom opt-in opportunities and segment your growing email list, but List Builder also allows you to create:

  • Customizable surveys
  • Easy-to-use interest groups
  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Seamless data capture
  • Upload from Excel, Outlook, GoldMine, ACT and other address books
  • Automatic list hygiene
  • Automatic removal of duplicate emails
  • QR codes for point of sale data capture

An email list builder is essential to organically growing quality contacts. With Admail as your email template platform, you’re not only going to manage your high-quality emails, but you’ll have point-and-click tools to build personalized marketing campaigns for your customers. Explore the features of the Admail List Builder™ for yourself and start your free trial today.

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