Admail Smart Groups Help Scrub Email List

Do you know what percentage of your email recipients never open your messages? Research shows up to one-third of your email list will never click on your subject line, completely missing the customized message or offer you’ve designed inside. So, what do you do with the 20 to 30 percent of email recipients that offer you no engagement? Scrub them.

When to scrub email list?

It’s ideal to scrub your email list at least once a year, but every six months is optimal. With Admail Smart Groups, you can segment your email list based on which recipients have opened or otherwise engaged with your email marketing messages. As one of the best email platforms available to small- and medium-sized businesses, Admail recognizes the benefit of scrubbing your email list to only include those contacts who will regularly engage with your content.

In between list scrubbings, look for red flags that could indicate an impromptu purge could be necessary. These four events may indicate a quick cleanse is needed:

  • More spam complaints
  • More unsubscribes
  • Reduced open rate
  • Reduced click-through rate
    Keeping a clean list means you’re sending your email messages to your most engaged and interested recipients. You’ll begin to notice your open and click-through percentages increasing as you rid your contacts of the most unengaged users.

Benefits of email list scrubbing

In addition to seeing a boost in your open and click-through rates, you’ll begin to notice a sizable shift in what isn’t happening.

1. Skip the spam folder

Fewer people will report your message as spam or junk. As you begin reaching only those users who want to engage with your brand, your messages are sent to the dreaded spam folder far less frequently. Fewer spam marks boost your legitimacy with email providers. On the contrary, when recipients mark your messages as spam, more email platforms send your messages straight to the digital trashcan, even for users who have not marked them as such.

2. Fewer bounces

When emails are never delivered to a recipient, that hard bounce can have the same effect as a user labeling your message as spam. A high bounce rate damages your reputation with email platforms, making it more likely that your messages will never make it to the primary inbox.

3. Higher ROI

Email is proven to be a marketing method with one of the highest ROIs, when operated strategically. Research shows you stand to gain more than $44 for every $1 spent when your email marketing campaigns are developed and delivered properly. By eliminating the names of those who never engage with your messages, your ROI is more accurate. Your return is derived from recipients who want to hear from you.

Make a final attempt

Once you clean your contacts and develop a list of unengaged recipients, make a final win-back effort with a custom message. Offer a discount code and concentrate on creating a subject line that will grab the user’s attention. By targeting those inactive recipients, you have an opportunity to wake them up and invite them back to make a purchase or other specified conversion.
Admail offers a menu of hundreds of templates to create marketing emails that will grab your users’ attention and create high converting messages. Whether you want to craft luring HTML emails or straight-forward plaintext emails, Admail will support you with a free trial. Get started in minutes.

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