The Importance of Cyber Security and Your Brand

Two of the most popular ways to market your business is through social media and email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, you’re constantly battling an invisible threat when you rely on these platforms. Cyber security and your brand must go hand-in-hand. You not only want to protect the data you’ve collected and use to market to your target audience, but you also want your customers to know their information is secure anytime they visit your website or social media channels.

Hackers and scam artists are constantly looking for ways to access your valuable information. From customer data lists to business credit card numbers, a new hack is being deployed to businesses, organizations, or individuals every 39 seconds. As you create strategic social media and email marketing campaigns, you need to rely on a trustworthy platform to help you create and manage the information.

Cyber Security and Social Media

An estimated 90 percent of businesses use social media in some fashion to promote their brand. Cyber security efforts are essential for brands on social media, especially those that conduct sales on the platforms. Even major companies, like LinkedIn and Facebook, have suffered data breaches over the past few years. In 2012, reports indicate a hacker stole 6.5 million passwords from LinkedIn and posted them to a Russian crime forum. Facebook suffered a major data breach in 2018 when hackers compromised the site’s network systems. Up to 50 million Facebook users were affected by the breach.

What’s even more detrimental, when hackers aren’t targeting large networks, Facebook users themselves are inadvertently sharing malicious content. Studies reveal 70 percent of social media scams were manually shared, meaning people voluntarily and unwittingly shared posts that linked to malicious or affiliate sites. On social media alone, 44 records are stolen each second.

Keep your social media content and lists secure by relying on a marketing suite that ties your social and email campaigns together. With AdSocial, you can share your branded, custom email campaigns through social media. Create links to your Facebook page or to your Twitter feed and put them in an email. If you use the List Builder sign up form, you can broadcast a link to it across different social media accounts with one click of a button.

Use one platform to tie your secure information – like your marketing contact list – in one platform rather than having multiple lists saved in different locations. AdSocial also allows you to contact everyone in your social media family. Build your contact list while protecting your private marketing information.

Cyber Security and Email Marketing

It takes creative content and consistent marketing to build a valuable contact list. When you build out email marketing campaigns to send to your recipients, you want to do it in a secure platform. Admail is the top resource for creating custom HTML responsive emails. The easy-to-use platform allows you to create custom templates with text, images and video.

Roughly 81 percent of small to medium-sized businesses use email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channel. Using a secure email template builder, like Admail, is the best way to protect your content and contact list. The List Builder from Admail also offers a seamless, protected way to allow customers to opt-in to your emails. In addition, your brand continues to perform well because your emails are sent to legitimate recipients thanks to the List Builder’s built-in automatic list hygiene feature.

Proper Cyber Security Builds Better Revenue

When customers visit your website or receive your marketing email, you want them to immediately recognize that your site is secure. Shoppers are much savvier than years ago. The secure site link is just the beginning of what your customers expect for them to believe you have adequate cyber security measures in place.

When customers interact with you on social media or consider clicking the content in your marketing email, they must know that the content and hyperlink are secure. One of the best ways to address the consumer’s concern about cyber security is to address it in a variety of places and ways on your website. Some ideas to consider:

  • Website protection from a cyber security company, like Trust Guard.
  • Make your privacy policy noticeable and easy to understand.
  • Maintain clean internal systems and servers.
  • Keep your email recipient list scrubbed and current.
  • Add a firewall to monitor all action coming into your brand’s website.
  • Require your customers to update their login information on a regular basis.

When you put the proper measures in place, you not only protect your business and customers, but you also associate your brand with trustworthy content and purchasing. Consumers know they can trust your checkout process, encouraging them to become loyal customer.

The Admail marketing tools suite will make it easier to create and distribute content. The platform also takes extra measures to protect your recipient list and branded content from online hackers. To learn more about the HTML responsive email builder or how the tool can connect to AdSocial and make your marketing easier, request a product demo.

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