Designing Email For Mobile Devices

The smartphone industry is absolutely booming. An increasingly large number of consumers and business owners are using these devices every day.  One of the most useful features of smartphones is their ability to check email on the go. Recent marketing surveys indicate that around 60% of business decisions makers are checking email on their mobile devices.

If you want to reach your customers on their mobile devices, you need to consider your email design philosophy. Most traditional email doesn't translate very well to mobile, because of this email marketers must adopt some new design philosophies. We've just released two of our templates that have been optimized for mobile devices. We will be creating more of these templates for our users as time goes on and demand increases. Using our "optimized for mobile" templates in Email Builder makes it easy for you to send email that is readable and visually appealing for mobile users.

Our templates will take you 90% of the way in the quest of making your campaigns smartphone friendly, but there are also guidelines you'll need to follow when laying out your content. Here are the most important guidelines to follow to ensure that your template stays mobile friendly:

  1. Keep your font sizes small. Mobile devices have small screens and fonts over 12 point take up far too much space.
  2. Image file sizes should be very small (if used at all) and should be no larger than 300 pixels wide.
  3. Don't pack together clickable links. Most smartphones today use touch screen technology and if links are too close to one another they can be difficult to differentiate when selecting.

Using our mobile templates and following these guidelines will optimize your email for smartphone users. Follow these rules and avoid alienating your mobile email users!

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