Email Marketing: What Works & What Doesn’t?

Email marketing is a vital component to your overall marketing strategy. In order to sustain a successful email marketing campaign your top priorities are keeping your subscribers happy and to build your brand. Finding this delicate balance can be quite difficult which is why we have compiled a list of ideas to keep your list from performing at its best.

DO NOT Blanket Your Subscribers in Email

One of the biggest turn-offs to your email subscriber list is being sent far too many emails. There are two main goals when sending out your marketing emails- driving sales and keeping your email list intact. Having some people unsubscribe because they are no longer interested in what you sell is normal and should be expected. These numbers are often offset by new subscribers. However, having an email list that hemorrhages subscribers is not an effective way to run an email marketing campaign. If you send out too many emails, you can expect subscribers to be frustrated with the influx of email, and they will unsubscribe at a higher rate.

DO Provide Value to Subscribers

The most effective way to keep your list happy and to keep your subscribers reading is to provide them with value in every message. Depending on your product or service, this may be new product information, industry news, coupons or other special deals that will help your list feel privileged to get your emails. Your email marketing campaign should focus on the quality of what's in the message and ensure that each one that goes out provides true value to the readers.

USE Multimedia Messages

Everyone likes video and find it is easy to get information that way. GIFs are equally well liked. To keep your email marketing campaign from getting too boring for the reader, consider adding some multimedia touches to your messages. To make it easier for all clients to view them, consider having your readers click to view the videos and GIFs on your own site.

AVOID Features That Will Get You Marked as Spam

Using javascript or email forms in your emails will mark them to many email clients as spam. When your readership doesn't get your email, they can't read it and buy what you sell. Be familiar with the features that will get your emails sent directly to spam folders.

DO Have a Distinctive Voice

Let's face it- everyone has an email list. Every site wants you to sign up for their newsletter and every company wants to grow its list. To build your brand recognition and keep your subscribers interested, you need your emails to be an extension of your own unique business. Your emails should have a distinctive voice that sets your messages apart from the competition.

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