How Email Marketing Services Can Improve Holiday Sales

While you're putting up those winter holiday decorations, it's also about time to start planning an email marketing campaign for your small businesses. Of course, nearly every other business in the country is also gearing up for the holiday push, so it is important to generate an email marketing campaign that stands out from competitors. Email marketing services, like those provided by Admail, are one way to get a leg-up on holiday email marketing. Here are a few ways that email marketing can improve a company’s holiday marketing campaign.

A good email marketing campaign is reliant on strong analytics, or data from past years that show what works and what does not. A robust data set can show where the majority of traffic to the website came from, or which holidays had the highest highest open and conversion rates. Most importantly, a good data set can show which emails had the highest traffic and conversion rates. Unfortunately, a personal email account, like those provided by Yahoo and Google, do not offer the tracking and analytic capabilities provided by email marketing services. For example, Admail’s AccuTrak tool offers real-time reporting and statistics on opened emails, click-throughs, replies, unsubscribe requests and non-deliverables. These analytics can help focus email marketing towards recipients that are most likely to take advantage of the products or services being offered.

The holidays offer a unique opportunity to capitalize on creative email designs related to the string of holidays on-tap from late October through the end of the year. Whether it’s the orange of Halloween or the red of Christmas, the holidays represent a distinct feel from the rest of the year that can be incorporated into email designs. Email marketing services provide more professional designs and flexibility to match the holiday spirit than personal email services. Additionally, email templates allow users to easily insert images and HTML uploads into their emails.

The holidays are the perfect time for friends and family to catch up, and using a email marketing services for a holiday campaign can maximize the impact of the campaign on social media. Admail’s AdSocial tools helps users seamlessly integrate their social media efforts with an email marketing campaign, which will help attract attention to the website and boost sales.

All told, email marketing services can greatly improve a holiday marketing push. Tools such as list builders, social media integration and data tracking are not available in standard, personal email accounts. Utilizing these services can differentiate a company’s holiday marketing and focus a campaign in real-time to maximize the impact of the marketing. There are many worthy email marketing services available on the web, but Admail wraps all of the tools into one, easy-to-use package to help boost sales around the holidays.

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