How to Sell in Your Emails

You’re not writing emails just for fun, are you? As a business owner or marketer,
you have to sell to stay in business, whether you like it or not.

Follow these tips to convert more email readers into buyers:

  1. Don’t sell before the prospect is ready. First become a friend and trusted
    source of information, this will make them more relaxed when buying from you.
  2. Highlight the benefits. Don’t sell your product, sell the benefits you're
    offering your customer.
  3. Show readers what they will miss. Most people are risk averse and want to avoid
    inconveniences, glitches, and complications.
  4. Solve a problem. Consider rephrasing the benefits you offer as a problem
    you’ll help your customer avoid.
  5. Don’t follow a strict formula or set pattern. Robotic, cookie-cutter emails bore
  6. Work toward your aim. Tell short, interesting stories that lead to your sales
  7. Present a clear deadline. It prevents people from procrastinating.
  8. Have an impeccably clear call to action. Tell your readers exactly what you
    expect them to do next, and remind them why it’s in their best interest to buy.
  9. Insert multiple links (to the same page). Place them early in your presentation,
    in the middle and the end. Different people react and behave differently, and
    you want to get them to your website or event form.
  10. Remind the recipient of your deadline. Or repeat what they stand to lose if they don’t take up your offer.

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