Your Email's Been Opened. Now What?

How do you keep a reader's attention? How do you keep them reading? Follow these
tips to captivate their attention:

  1. Write fast. Let your enthusiasm and personality shine!
  2. Keep it short. Long emails slaughter interest. Challenge yourself to cut your
    text by half.
  3. Ask questions. Imagine a conversation with your reader. You’d have some
    questions, wouldn’t you?
  4. Don’t follow a strict formula. Blueprint emails will quickly bore the pants off your readers!
  5. Add a personal touch. You want readers to know, like, and trust you. Be honest, like my mother.
  6. Don’t automate your greeting. Try different openings: Welcome to our
    , It's that time again, or Greetings from Cleveland!. Mixing
    up your greetings makes you less robotic and more personal.
  7. Use the word you. Make sure you convey a personal sense.
  8. Write in a natural voice. Stop thinking about email marketing and
    consider your emails as a way to talk with your customers, not at them.
  9. Add personality. Use words and expressions only you can use. That'll hook 'em
    like a fish in the morning.
  10. Write short, strong sentences. Don't fill up the page with meaningless content.

Be honored that people have subscribed and want to receive your messages; Each
subscriber has given you a hard-earned vote of confidence. But be careful—never
take anyone’s attention for granted. Everyone’s time is precious!

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