Surfin' Safari

While we were creating Email Builder, we realized that there were issues when running on Apple's Safari web browser. Overall, things worked, but the editing environment was limited (e.g. no bold, no italics, no formatting at all!) and when large templates were loaded, it encountered an error and Email Builder would cease functioning.

While looking to solve these problems, we found that Apple was developing a new version of WebKit (the underlying technology of Safari), that would fix everything. Because Mac users can also run Firefox, we decided to get Email Builder launched and wait for the new version of Safari.

Well, that day is here! If you've upgraded to Leopard, you're already running Safari 3.0. If you're still running Tiger (10.4), check your software updates--you'll find 10.4.11 ready for you and it includes Safari 3.0. Users running older versions of Mac OS X will still need to utilize Firefox.

Initial tests seem to show that everything works as expected. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let us know!

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