What To Do When Sending an Email is Not Enough

As a business owner, you have to balance many factors that contribute to current customer engagement and new audience outreach. Digital communication may be just one piece of this goal, but its effects are great — one successful marketing campaign can be a game changer for your organization’s reputation and customer base. Likewise, one poorly-executed strategy can wreak havoc across all departments.

A surprising situation that many business owners and marketers encounter is when a campaign seems stellar during development but yields a shockingly poor return on investment once it is deployed to list members. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, email list hygiene measures are important to ensure your sender reputation isn’t impacting the visibility of your messages. However, even healthy bulk email lists can need supplemental support from industry-proven tools and techniques in order to reach their full potential.

In this fourth article in our series on managing email data efficiently, we move beyond bulk email and explore best practices for businesses and organizations that want to connect with email list members through their email marketing strategies.

Beyond the send button

Cultural influences have forever changed the way we interact with each other and the content we consume. Awareness of these worldwide effects is key to understanding why simple bulk email strategies no longer resonate with most list members.

Digital communication and the global pandemic

The necessarily increased emphasis on digital communication ushered in by the global pandemic rewarded technologically savvy organizations with an already well-developed online presence. However, this change has also brought about its fair share of unforeseen challenges. In a society where the majority of the population spends most of their time online in one capacity or another, marketing messages that do not offer a flawless recipient experience are judged and condemned quickly — so emails that don’t live up to heightened expectations are not likely to fare well in terms of performance.

Modern advertising and its effects on email marketing

The factors that determine each list member’s idea of a “flawless recipient experience” have also changed over time. Grammatical errors in copy, inaccessibility across device types, and other glaring missteps will always reflect poorly on the sender. Once a perk, targeted messages now join this list of essential factors for a successful email campaign. Today’s advertising environment strongly relies on using customer information in the most effective ways to deliver specifically-curated messages for each online user. Emails that arrive in list members’ personal inboxes are certainly included in this expectation.

Tools and techniques to boost your campaign

Drastic changes to our global communication habits and advertising landscape mean it is no longer enough to send bulk emails and expect a high response rate. But don’t worry — there are several potential areas of improvement available for your email marketing strategies. These tools and techniques will tailor each email for the enhanced user experience necessary for success.

Using metrics

The wide range of monthly analytics available today lets list owners know which bulk email strategies are landing and which aren’t. These metrics include well-known data points like open, bounce, and click-through rates. However, intelligent email strategies implement the results from the following data collection measures, and more:

  • Conversion rates, or the percentage of customers who followed the email’s call to action
  • Email list growth rates, or the rate of growth for your contact list
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Device type data

These list member insights can only be mined from a system with robust email tracking capabilities.

Slight strategy changes for a big impact

Some email management tools that may seem like nice-to-have perks could actually be the key to compounding success. Using an email marketing management system that can automate high-level functions — like A/B testing different emails to see which performs better — can create large returns on email strategy cultivation.

Unparalleled customer service

Finally, there has never been a more crucial time for businesses to rely on their partners for support when enriching their bulk email strategies. An email marketing solutions provider with exemplary customer service will serve as a fresh pair of highly-experienced eyes to detect flaws in your email list strategy and give you the focused attention your team needs to succeed.

Full-fledged service for personalized email campaigns

Email user expectations for digital marketing may be at an all-time high — but with Admail, your business can connect with new and current customers like never before. Admail’s premier email management software integrations are the product of over two decades of learning the ins and outs of email marketing. We’ve seen email grow from its humble beginnings to the essential tool it is today, and are dedicated to informing and empowering businesses toward their best marketing strategies through our proven tools and techniques. Gain audience insights from robust yet digestible data metrics to create up to 50 intelligent email lists to send your recipients the messages they’ll appreciate most.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to get your first taste of everything Admail has to offer. Look forward to our next article, where we’ll showcase an example of our tools in action by highlighting a client’s success using QR codes in their email strategy.

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