The Importance of Multimedia in Email Marketing Campaigns

The modern consumer is bombarded daily by marketing messages pulling them in a multitude of directions. But even within this competitive environment, there are surefire ways to capture the hearts of your target audience. In today’s exciting advertising landscape, business owners and marketers have the opportunity to explore different mediums of messaging and storytelling when communicating with ongoing clients and new leads.

Welcome to a brand-new series of articles on the topic of email marketing. In the coming months, we’ll delve into the ways that email recipients absorb marketing content — and give business owners and marketers solutions to help them reach as many audiences as possible.

First, let’s set the stage by establishing the importance of multimedia content in email marketing campaigns. Read on to learn more.

The Modern Marketing Email

Email as a medium has advanced far beyond its original capacity for simple text. New technological innovations and developments allow business owners and marketers to convey their messages and reach different audiences using multiple communication methods — including high-quality visual content, engaging infographics, and video snippets that autoplay as you scroll.

Evolving Consumer Expectations

Modern customer prospects receive more advertising messages throughout the day than ever before. This not only creates a more competitive atmosphere for those looking to attract their attention, but also speaks to the new ways they anticipate being able to process incoming information.

Because of the modern prevalence of video and graphic content, using diverse multimedia techniques is now more effective than just flat text with one or two stock images. According to a recent study conducted by animated video production company Wyzowl, 81% of marketers have observed that branded video content has led to a direct increase in sales, while 87% say video is a major contributing factor to good ROI.

Learning Styles and Multimedia

Whether or not you subscribe to the range of popular “learning style” educational theories, it’s no secret that individuals absorb messages in different ways. You may learn best by reading and writing, while your friend may need visual cues to recall information. Others learn best when information is related out loud, such as through video content.

There is no single “best” way to learn, and the most successful multimedia campaigns include elements that appeal to several learning modes. Written copy, for example, can be absorbed by almost anyone — but additional visual or auditory content can increase the number of current and potential customers who will take an interest in and engage with your messaging.

Multimedia in Email Marketing: New Branding Opportunities

Any experienced business owner or marketer knows the overwhelming importance of a solid brand strategy. Customers value consistency in digital marketing, whether it’s delivered as an image, through a video, or through text.

When building a positive organizational reputation — the basis for strong customer relationships — use all of the resources at your disposal to create a cohesive message about your values, goals, and your team’s collective personality. If there are media forms your team has yet to explore, you can boost your ROI with new projects promoting your already-established brand identity.

Coordinating Your Multimedia Campaign

It’s important not to lose sight of your business’s core brand strategy, even while exploring all the different mediums of communication:

  • Text: Written copy remains the foundation of any successful email marketing maneuver. Your business can establish a reputation for credibility over time by consistently delivering easily-digestible, interesting, and accurate email content alongside other media elements.
  • Graphics: Your brand likely already has a visual identity to draw from for graphic content. Stick to a consistent color scheme and thematic elements to showcase your professionalism.
  • Video: The biggest recent technological advancement in email marketing is embedded video. Cultivate your business’ filmed content effectively by focusing on a specific subject. Match your audience’s expectations for tone and visual style.
  • Infographics: This innovative communication tool combines artistry with valuable written content and statistics. Email marketing infographics should match both the visual identity established by your marketing team and your brand voice.

An All-In-One Solution for Multimedia Email Marketing

Need help navigating the next step in your team’s multimedia strategy? An outsourced email marketing management service may be the tool you need to get you on the right track.

Admail has created endless opportunities for businesses just like yours since email took shape in the mid-nineties. Over the years, we’ve taken feedback from our clients to develop a robust suite of email marketing solutions, all tied together with a reputation for excellent customer service:

  • Create professional, sophisticated, and eye-catching email layouts with our industry-leading Email Builder tool.
  • Embed high-definition email video content with a unique autoplay feature to grab each recipient’s attention.
  • Gain in-depth statistical reporting measures to keep your team informed about each new marketing strategy’s performance.
  • Link your social media accounts together with built-in integrations for easy customer navigation and increased engagement.

Contact Admail for a 30-day free trial of our industry-leading email management services, and get started on creating beautiful multimedia content. Our next article in this series will detail the game-changing benefits — and challenges — of using embedded video in email marketing campaigns.

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