How to Build a Better Email Newsletter in 7 Steps

Small to medium-sized business digital marketing must include an email newsletter. This inexpensive way to communicate with your customers is a blank canvas of opportunity, but it must be built right.

There are more than 3.9 billion email users across the globe, with more than three-fourths of all adults using email to some extent. While those numbers speak to the possible reach of email marketing, it's important to understand that not everyone with an inbox is your target audience. Understanding your customer persona is just one step in creating the best e-newsletter for your brand.

Key Elements of a Great Newsletter

More than 293 billion emails are sent every day, so if you want your email newsletter to stand out from the stuffed inboxes of your recipients, you must understand the key elements behind a great newsletter.

1. Simple template

Keep the presentation of your email newsletter clean and easy to digest. HTML responsive email templates allow you to easily create colorful, on-brand messages.

2. Spruce up your subject lines

Use 41 characters or less in your subject line – the limit to what's displayed on an iPhone in portrait mode.

3. Offer content your customer can use

Your email newsletter isn't about you. It's about what the customer can take from your content. Offer trackable discount codes, links to informative blog posts, "how-to" videos, or a free eBook to keep your reader engaged.

4. Set a delivery expectation

You can train your customers to be on the lookout for your latest email newsletter by sending it at a scheduled time each week or month. Perform some A/B testing to confirm what day of the week and time of the day gets the most traction with your audience, then stick with that schedule.

5. Drive readers to your site

Set a measurable conversion. If you want people to click through to a specific landing page, use a trackable link. If you want viewers to fill out a survey, vote in an online poll, or purchase a product, design webpages that feature exactly what the user would expect to see.

6. Use the right email platform

Sending an email newsletter doesn't take engineering experience. Turn to an email marketing company that provides drag-and-drop building, email personalization, in-depth analytics, plain text emails, and easily integrates into your current marketing strategy.

7. Study the numbers

Don't send your email newsletter blindly. Follow your analytics to see what type of content works best. Which articles or videos are clicked on the most? Do your customers use a discount code more often if it's promoted beside a particular product? Study the analytics to determine small tweaks you can make to improve the engagement with your newsletter.

How to Build the Best Newsletter for You

Rely on an email newsletter platform that allows you to customize your messages to fit your brand. The top priority when building the best newsletter for your company is to constantly test content with your customer personas and make adjustments as needed. In order to get the most relevant information to your recipients, you must:

These three steps will allow you to adjust your content to your customers' preferences, increasing your open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

Is a Digital Newsletter Right for You?

Don't miss the opportunity to reach your audience in a budget-friendly, on-brand way. A digital newsletter is the ideal outlet to introduce your customers to new services or products, showcase user generated content, offer discounts, and spotlight the behind-the-scenes happenings of your company.

Partner with Admail to build an email newsletter template is a simple, easy-to-use platform. We'll walk you through the features of our HTML responsive email builder in our video tour.

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