Ideas to Grow Your Email Marketing List

How many times have you left a website completely when it prompted for your personal information before you could move forward to your desired page? Demanding that customers hand over their email address and other personal info is a quick way to lose new business. So, what’s the right way to build your email marketing list?

After working with thousands of clients and watching email template systems evolve rapidly over the years, Admail has developed some high-quality strategies to build your recipient list from scratch. Not only will our techniques help you gather those valuable email addresses, but they’ll also attract loyal customers.

Email Marketing List Growth Ideas

If you want to grab new email marketing leads and improve open rates of the messages you send, then it’s time to focus on the value of your content.

1. Customize the Call-To-Action

If someone enters your website via a blog about creating attention-grabbing social media images, it makes sense to create a CTA around that very topic. For example:

“Grab our free social media image template tool kit”

By entering their email, the user receives a downloadable packet of information, pre-made images, or whatever you’d like to include. Creating lead magnets doesn’t have to be a time and money drain. Use free tools, like Canva, or contract a freelancer to complete the work. Because the user first came to your website seeking tips about image creation, this tool kit is likely something for which they’ll trade their email address.

2. Use pop-up opt-in boxes strategically

Pop-ups should be used as an on-site re-targeting tool, not a bothersome welcome as soon as someone logs onto your site. Some of the most popular versions include exit pop-ups, which appear when someone attempts to leave the page, or a scroll pop-up that appears when the user reaches a certain point on the page or stays for a set time period.

It’s also important to program your pop-ups so you’re not hitting loyal customers or those already receiving your content in their inbox. For example, when a user clicks on a link from your email marketing campaign, they shouldn’t receive any re-targeting ads promoting the marketing emails – they’re already signed up.

3. Make the CTA catchy

It’s easy to quickly click the “no thanks” button when you just want a pop-up out of your way to see a website’s content, but not all CTA copy is easily dismissed. Put some effort into developing copy that makes your user take pause. Some of our favorite CTA copy includes:

  • “Yes! Give me the goods” or “Nah, I don’t need more customers”
  • “Download 10 biz system templates now!” or “No. I prefer disorganization and chaos”
  • “Yes, let’s 10x my business” or “Nope, I prefer slow, unpredictable growth”

These types of messages resonate with your users, reminding them of the value your content offers. Review your CTA copy and modify to highlight the benefit of what’s soon to be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

As you begin to build your email marketing list, use personalized and creative subject lines to improve your open rate. Using an intuitive, responsive email template system will help you easily craft luring marketing messages for your customers. Explore the Admail email marketing services so you can reach your target audience and make your business a success.

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