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  • 15 Oct 2003
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  • Author: Thomas Lingenfelter

Helping You To Develop More Effective Email Campaigns!

Current California law, and pending legislation in several other states, indicates that SPAM is rapidly escalating the anxiety level of many Americans. Recipients of e-mail are getting tired of all the unsolicited credit-card debt relief, physical enhancement and adult entertainment messages that are crossing their desktops every day. In attempts to address the situation, legislatures have put forth a patchwork of regulations aimed at SPAM. Unfortunately, legitimate email marketers are being tarred with the same brush as SPAMMERS. Add to this the overabundance of SPAM filtering packages, and you have solutions being introduced that can exterminate legitimate e-mail as well as unsolicited e-mail. The good news is that clearance of this SPAM filtering hurdle is the focus of many internet business interests. The Project Lumos White Paper is a good example. READ MORE

  • 20 Sep 2003
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  • Author: Robert Hicks's New Web Site! launches a complete update to its email marketing website. New look, new tools, and easier than ever! READ MORE

  • 10 Sep 2003
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  • Author: Thaddeus Quintin

10 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Simple things that you can do to make your email marketing campaigns more effective. READ MORE

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